Areas of Practice

At D'Amico Communications, we conduct in-depth industry research, develop a customized plan and roadmap, and then deliver flawless execution.

Our corporate services include:

  • Research. We have in-house expert moderators, experienced survey writers, and analysts using the latest methods and technology. As corporate infrastructure and communication optimization experts we have worked with Fortune 500 companies to help reorganize people, infrastructure, and communication. Our sole purpose is to provide clients the understanding and clarity needed to guide their decisions.

  • Marketing Communications. We're in the business of building business — sales, traffic, interest, buzz — through a range of brand-building tools, from media outreach and digital platforms to partnerships and promotions, to harnessing influencers and coalition-building — all designed to develop campaigns that are integrated with the full marketing mix.

  • Digital Communications. The global digital practice goes beyond traditional public relations, public affairs, and marketing communications, integrating the best of online and interactive technologies. We provide insight, creative strategy, and tactical execution around the three C's — conversation, community, and content. We focus on current trends in the digital ecosystem and design campaigns to drive word of mouth.

  • Corporate Communications. Intangibles of corporate reputation are as important as such tangibles as financial results. We tackle the toughest challenges faced by corporate leadership, including crises, financial transactions, employee communications, litigation, and social responsibility, to deliver a successful outcome.

  • Public Affairs. Businesses operate in an environment influenced by issues, public interests, and public policy. D'Amico Communications has a seasoned public affairs team represented in the world's major political hubs that understands the structures and dynamics underpinning public-policy making. We identify the decision makers and their influencers, whether in the media, interest and pressure groups, or think tanks.